Administrative support

One of our goals is to offer and manage activities related to confort, higene, security, maintenance and infrastructure services so the employees can perform their duties in the most productive manner within the companies.

There are a few services that can be consider facilities within a company, in which we can highlight:

•         Technical cleaning
•         Industrial cleaning
•         Hospital sanitation

Internal logistics and storage:

•         Material selection
•         Kit preparation
•         Administration
•         Storage
•         Material management

Administrative support services:

•         Internal logistics and storage
•         Expedition
•         Bulding management
•         Archives
•         Copying machines
•         Transportation
•         Audio visual resources
•         Events management
•         Concierge
•         Helpdesk support
•         Reception
•         Phone operators
•         Lobby

Outdoor conservation:
•         Cleaning facades and external areas
•         Gardening

•         Equipment and control systems maintenence
•         Building maintenence

•         Equipment
•         Vehicles

•         Armed escort
•         Personal security
•         Executive transfer services
•         Electronic surveillance
•         Patrimonial surveillance

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