Personnel Logistics

Planning and managing working shifts in oil platforms and ships in all national territory.

Monitoring crew scheduling in airports, harbors, dockyards in Brasil.

Planning logistical arrangements such as: national and international flights, road travels, accommodation, food and beverage supply for the crew due to shift schedule and training.

Airplane and ship freight for crew shift schedule.

Planning, managing and monitoring crew scheduling in oil platforms and ships abroad.

Control and care for documents and training certificates needed to allow boarding in offshore instalations.

Crew shift schedule set in SAP-R3 system (RT – Transport Request).

Acting as a facilitator agent and/or translator for procedures in institutions such as the Federal Police Office, bank institutions, notary offices, IRS etc.

Acting as a facilitator agent and/or translator in medical clinics, labs, hospitals in case of medical emergency as well as occupational physical exams.

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