Waste Management

Planning and management for collection, transportation and final destination for waste provinient from gas and oil production nationwide.

Escort waste loading and unloading in harbors and docks nationwide.

Control all environmental licences required for waste management.

Planning logistics arrangements for collectins, transporting and discarding waste, such as land, air and sea freight.

Issue control and traceability documents for all waste generated.

Internal controling system – SGR ASA – of all documents required for waste management, with option for the clients to access it in order to follow up, issue reports, download documents and generate control spreadsheets on demand.

Wearehouse tenancy and licensing for temporary waste storage.

Waste handling and packaging equipment tenancy.

Specialized manpower services for waste management.

Acting as a facilitator agent with federal, state and municipal organs.

Forward water and liquid effluents for laboratorial analysis.

Issue reports and waste management.

Perform environmental audits in companies responsible for waste transportation and final receipt.

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